Simple model

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Demonstrats building and runnning a simple finned isothermal model.
Build and run an isothermal model with varying fin height and fin density. Example of a parametric analysis.
Plot the temperature and pressure results for the above model.
Build and display color contour temperature plot of a multi-pass liquid tube flow model with uniform power.
Determine the operating fan flow rate through the cold plate by inputting the fan impedance curve.
Using the previous fan model, additional pressure drop flow restrictions added and results are displayed.
Adding non-unifrom power and displaying color contour plot.
Modify prevous model to add power on the cover side.
Demonstrat setting up, running and displaying a transient
Shows how to build a non-isothermal, non-uniform powered, serpintine tube flow model.
Locally change the thickness of the base plate by inputting Extra Conductors in parallel.
Using effective properties for more detailed analysis
in CFD or FEA analyses.