Adding New Fluid to Library Bypass Flow Definition Color Contour Plot
Environment versus Time External Heat Transfer Fan Balancing
Fin Type Selection Flowrate Options Fluid Properties Definition
Geometry Input Insulation from Ambient Isothermal Temperature Wizard
Material Properties Definition_____ Non-isothermal Analysis Non-isothermal Wizard
Partial views of Result Files Plotting Plot Wizard
Power Dissipation Methods Power or Cond. vs Time or Temp_____ Power Dissipation Plot
Pressure Drop Parameters Ram Air Cooling Serpintine Flow Path
Steady-State Results Thermostat Defintion Transient Analysis Results
Tube Geometry Defintiion Tube Connection to Plate Tube Connection - Custom Layout
Variable Environment

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Geometry, Insulation and Bypass Flow Input Image
Example of Different Fin Types
Fluid Selection, Flow Rate and Variable Environment Definition
Material Properties Definition
Serpintine Flow Path Images with 3 path example (3 coolant passes)
Ram Air Cooling Definition
Pressure Drop Parameter Definition
Power Dissipaton Methods
Step 1 of 4 of the Isothermal Temperature Wizard
Step 3 of 4 of the Plot Wizard of Variable Fin Height and Fin Density
Plot Selection Form
External Heat Transfer - External Convection and Radiation
Fan Balancing Example Plots
Fan Balancing Example Plots - Fan Operation at Sea Level and 40KFT
Example Color Contour Plot (5 coolant passes)
Step 4 of 6 of the Non-isothermal Wizard (9 nodes wide by 20 nodes long)
Step 5 of 6 of the Non-isothermal Wizard (power assignment on each node)
Non-isothermal example of automatically building model 4 nodes 4 by 5 nodes long
Non-isothermal analyses methods available: steady-state, transient, flow and no-flow
Steady-State Example Results - Varying Fin Height from .3 to .7 inches. All in one run!
Transient Example Results - Steay-State Analysis followed by Transient with no Fluid Flow
Both Fluid Flowrate and Inlet Fluid Temperature can be input as a function of time
Power and/or Conductors can be functions of time or temperature or constant
Intermediate (.int file) results showing useful input parameters for CFD or FEM
Summary table (.tab file) of results from running a parametric model, in this case varying the fin height and fin density
This is the detailed pressure drop output (.dlp) file showing the pressure drop, etc. at each section.
Nonisothermal detailed results (.out) file showing the cold plate, fluid and power at each node.
The power at various nodes can be controlled by the temperature at a master node, a thermostat location.
Adding A New Cooling Fluid Not already in the Fluid Library.
Below are shown some of the window images that are part of the COLDPLATE software. Click on any of the links to see the different images (screen shots).
Geometry of Plate, Tube Cross Section and Tube to Plate Resistance
Node Definition and Tube/Channel to Plate Connection
2 Sided Power Dissipation and 3D Temperature Prediction
Tube/Channel Model - Custom Layout and Tube to Plate Connection
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