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We believe in old time live support that allows you to speak to a person, in this case, the develper, a mechanical engineer. Free support is available for a year after purchasing the program. Even after that, we will work with you and make sure any problems you have are solved. In addition, we are happy to give you guidance on technical questions.
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Our telephone number is: 603-533-9011

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A little about the developer

Hi, I'm Tom Renaud, the developer of COLDPLATE. I'm a recently retired mechanical engineer having worked for over 40 years in the avionics field, first as a electronic technician on A4 jet aircraft, then as a methods engineer for Sperry Rand (now part of Lockheed Martin), then as a mechanical engineer for Hamilton Standard (now Hamilton Sundstrand) and finally for 25 years at BAE Systems (formely Sanders and Lockheed Martin).

During my career, I've worked on numerous challenging assignments on both military and commercial aircraft, ships and land based vehicles. I was responsible for structural, vibration and heat transfer analyses both as a contributing engineer and as an engineering manager. During my career, I've used many commerical analytical tools including: PATRAN®, NASTRAN, SINDA, Thermal Desktop®, CADAM, ProE®, PCB Thermal, PC3D®, as well as numerous other programs. I've also developed a number of software programs when I found other programs to be too cumbersome, time consuming, limited or just not adequate. Part of my responsibilty and achievements was starting and managing a mechanical analysis group to support a large number of sophisticated projects. As part of that responsibility, I evaluated and brought into house most of the mentioned commerical software programs including the CFD program which BAE Systems currently uses.

The majority of projects that I worked on during my career required cooling either by heat sinks or cold plates, which was the genesis for my writing COLDPLATE and continuing to update it. Over the years, BAE Systems and other companies have used the program on many projects and have proven it to be quite accurate and easy to use, both as a stand alone program and a preliminary program prior to usng CFD or FEM. COLDPLATE results have been verified both by tests and by comparision to other programs. The program reflects both my indepth analytical ability and my many years of practical experience; the program is geared for both the design engineer and the analytical engineer.

I finished up my career at BAE Systems as an engineering fellow supporting new designs, trouble shooting problem programs, and continuing to perform structural, vibration and thermal analyses. Now that I'm retired, and when I'm not hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I've been enjoying adding new capabilities to the program and helping my customers. I can promise you that you will not find more indepth support and advice (if you want it) from any of the big boys than what I offer. I'm only a phone call (yes, I take phone calls directly) or email away.
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