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COLDPLATE design software is an easy to use thermal analysis and fluid dynamics software program to design and model liquid cooled cold plates and air cooled cold plates. Finned or tubed designs using air or liquid coolants as well as numerous other design features may be modeled. Electronic cooling thermal management using our cold plate design software is now easier and quicker with our latest updates. Use our cold plate thermal analysis software and you will spend far less time building CFD or finite element (FEM) programs. Let COLDPLATE down select your final design using its powerful variable analysis and optimization capability. COLDPLATE is so good that you may not even need to run your CFD or FEM programs. However, if you do run them, you can use our intermediate results to help build more detailed models.

Since 1980, COLDPLATE has been helping engineers in the electronics cooling and packaging disipline to design and analyze electronic cooling solutions in the aerospace, military, commerical and computer industry.
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